HoneyWood – About us

Home Builders for over 10 years

Who and what are we today?

Our clients appreciate both the standards of our workmanship and materials and our business ethics.

These come, on the one hand, from our own guiding principles and, on the other, by adhering to the strictness of the European market and its Regulations. The E.U. is the market in which we operate and the one which has helped develop our standards.

Regardless of any client request to reduce our costs by reducing standards we are perfectionist home builders and manufacture to exacting standards of both materials and workmanship, something of which every one of our staff is well aware! We feel that part of our mission is to remove the prejudices, not always groundless, regarding timber-frame houses and the “Romanian way of doing things”.

“In Romania, many home builders have done a disservice to the concept of timber-framed house, by choosing to offer uncertain quality for a very low price. We have insisted on principles that we have thoroughly imposed to our workers. The client may not always be a ‘’connoisseur’’ and he would accept a job half done, but at HoneyWood it is us that have to be satisfied and to know everything is perfect”.

Razvan Cazacu, Managing Director, HoneyWood

Historically, the lowering of Romanian standards is only something that came about with Communism during the second half of the 20th. Century. Prior to that, during the 19th. Century, our major trading partner was Great Britain! It is the standards which we held then that we are dedicated to see a return to!

Building our own house is an intimate project, precious to each of us who undertake the task. The build process itself is just as important to us as the finished product. At HoneyWood the precision of our manufacturing process, our concern for standards of finish, our attention to every last detail and our reaction to our clients’ requests go a long way towards making your project a pleasure and one with excellent results!

HoneyWood houses are homely because they are cosy, safe, efficient, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of the people living in them.

A few words about our history

The HoneyWood experience in the timber industry started 15 years ago with the felling and rip-sawing of timber that we exported to both India and Germany as logs and sawn timber. We then moved on to precision wood machining and to the manufacture of solid wooden furniture that we exported and sold in Germany.

Five years after HoneyWood was established, we began to manufacture and erect timber-framed houses.

Our first major home construction project was involvement in a major re-building programme to restore an area devastated by flooding in 2006. To help with that we built 23 houses in the villages of Agas and Rotunda in Bacau County, Romania.

The technology and workmanship that could be seen in that project led to us signing our first contracts and building our first houses in France, Italy, and Netherlands. The quality of our houses and our workmanship resulted in the fast growth of orders and the tripling our turnover each year since.

In 2007 we invested 500.000 Euros to purchase our factory in Moinesti, which now includes 2.000 m² for our production lines, 300 m² of office space, 20.000 m² of land which we use for storage and traffic.

In 2008 we built our first house in Norway; we created our own engineering department and we bought the most advanced software for the structural design and manufacture of timber-framed houses (SEMA from Germany; Woodengine from France; MiTek from England).

In 2008 we were also awarded EU Certification allowing us to apply the “CE” mark on our timber-framed structures. We were the first company in Romania to gain this distinction! We also gained Certification for our Integrated Management System.

We now are building 50 houses each year to E.U. Standards in countries like France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Romania. The United Kingdom is our next targeted market area in partnership with our Agents, Baltic Link.

We are also heavily involved in initiatives to raise the standards of timber-frame manufacturers throughout Romania.